Vlog For Mom Leaders: Social Media + Vanity

Today I was forced to examine the things I do… Why do I want to reach people online? Vanity? Applause? Clout? Popularity? Or impact, hope, and spreading the good news of a GREAT GOD? Jeremiah 4:30 — “And you, O desolate one,what do you mean that you dress in scarlet,that you adorn yourself with ornamentsContinue reading “Vlog For Mom Leaders: Social Media + Vanity”

Vlog: Rejecting the Notion of Perfection

Hi, I’m Keturah! I understand firsthand the importance of soul care as much of what I testify about in the first installment of the Mommyhood Deconstructed Devotional Series (2020) is based on my own personal need to “lay it all out” before God in order to be a healthier Believer and mother. soulcare #motherhood

Vlog For Mom Leaders: Dress Yourself For Work (Jeremiah 1)

Never be stunted again in your purpose to lead in some capacity! GOD gives us all a JOB! Be empowered to use your voice (for good) right where you are… Jeremiah 1:17👇🏾“But you dress yourself for work, arise, and say to them everything that I command you.” Moms, caregivers, students, and to those who areContinue reading “Vlog For Mom Leaders: Dress Yourself For Work (Jeremiah 1)”