Blog Post: Perfect Performance Not Necessary

How something so subtle attempts to sneak itself in the journey of grace – “the need to perform.” The journey of grace allows us to stumble, get up again, keep it moving, perhaps stumble again while asking for help, rebound, and the steps continue. The journey of “needing to perform” yields non-confession, stumbling without askingContinue reading “Blog Post: Perfect Performance Not Necessary”

Vlog For Mom Leaders: Dress Yourself For Work (Jeremiah 1)

Never be stunted again in your purpose to lead in some capacity! GOD gives us all a JOB! Be empowered to use your voice (for good) right where you are… Jeremiah 1:17👇🏾“But you dress yourself for work, arise, and say to them everything that I command you.” Moms, caregivers, students, and to those who areContinue reading “Vlog For Mom Leaders: Dress Yourself For Work (Jeremiah 1)”