Family Enrichment Resources

Engage your family with relevant tools that nurture healthy spirituality, bonding, and matters of the heart.

Faith Journaling Tips For Kids

“Faith Journaling Tips for Kids” gives parents and caregivers realistic ways for helping children process their everyday events, thoughts, and emotions. In a world where keeping everything “bottled in” is a thing of the past, parents can easily incorporate this spiritual discipline into regular activities that promote prayer, emotional honesty, and healthy communication. Activity suggestions work well with reluctant writers.

New Resource Coming Soon!

“Why Should I Be Grateful?” ponders a very profound question through the lens of children experiencing the reality of things like bullying, COVID-19, natural disasters, and injustice. With a stance of bold faith and intentional gestures of gratitude, children (and adults alike) can embrace a deeper sense of joy despite the problems they face. 

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