Book + Audio Book For Moms

In the books, you are invited to:

•Engage in meaningful soul care journaling by being honest with yourself about challenges you’re facing. #DarlingItsOk

•Ponder God’s loving view of you. #DiscoverYourValue

•Reject the need to be unauthentic for the sake of appearing fine. #TravelThePathToPeace

•Embrace the perfectly imperfect you as a mom being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. #ConstantlyEvolve

•Own the identity of a mom that is fruitful#LivePurposefully

FORMAT: Spiral Bound Print Devotional, Scripture, Guided Reflections + Journaling


“I love the journaling component. I try to get up early for tea in order to write before the baby wakes up.”

“My favorite chapter is ‘Pretend Play: We Are Key Carriers.’ Jordyn’s request speaks so clearly.”

“Mommyhood Deconstructed is very well written and a joy to read! Continue to walk in your calling.”

View the readIng of the Introduction

FORMAT: Audio Devotional, Bible Study, Printable PDF Guided Journaling + Reflection Questions, Life Application

Grab a pair of headphones, a Bible, and your favorite cup of tea or coffee and be refreshed in the second installment of the Mommyhood Deconstructed series as two moms weigh their faith in the balance of life, love, marriage, and the need to find a “resting place” for their souls.

*Listen to the Introduction:

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