Back to New Brunswick

Yesterday, Jason (my husband) offered to accompany me to New Brunswick, New Jersey – home of Rutgers University and other notable establishments. And when he volunteered to drive, I was all in!

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I was going to be interviewed by the Founder of Hidden Gems Literary Emporium, a family-owned book store, about my new book. Kaila is her name and she is a 28-year old Rutgers University (New Brunswick campus) grad with lots of passion for her family, community, and life’s work. Kaila was a joy to talk to as we navigated thought-provoking discussion about upcoming projects, motherhood, and social injustice and its impact on the family — all before our formal sit-down, on-camera moment.


New Brunswick, New Jersey (and the neighboring Piscataway area) is no strange territory to me. I spent many days training here for my former job as a Family Literacy Instructor years ago. Children’s Futures of Trenton, New Jersey was the name of the program I used to work for and our professional development headquarters were located in the New Brunswick area.

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It’s amazing how God often uses the bits and pieces of our history to form such a beautiful story. Personally working with parents and the many days of training were all apart of the bigger picture. As I move forward with plans for Mommyhood Deconstructed to provide a more formalized childcare and enrichment program for moms of younger children, I realize just how blessed I am.

Kaila’s energy for the community she serves was simply inspiring. She and her husband’s endeavors were clearly a manifestation of God’s divine purpose for their lives. Their store, free book initiatives, literacy programs, ESL classes, and upcoming TED talk at Rutgers University are just what our world needs right now. It was an honor to partner with this power couple to offer my new book a home outside of its online location.

Kaila, her husband, and son

And now I present to you the evolution of Mommyhood Deconstructed’s expansion into children’s books, Why Should I Be Grateful? A Children’s Story of Faith and Gratitude in a Difficult World.



#WhyShouldIBeGrateful ❓❓❓

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