Blog Post: Just a Little Push

Jordyn, my six-year old daughter, rode her bike without training wheelson the second attempt.

I can’t express how ELATED I am as her mom!


Jordyn had been insisting on removing her training wheels all summer long. Her dad finally did and they ventured onto the new territory of “big girl” transportation.

You can imagine her utter disappointment when they came inside the house and she hadn’t mastered riding independently yet.

Jason (my husband) and I went on and on about our first bike riding experiences.

I didn’t learn how to ride until I was eight years old after many failed attempts. Marvin (my late father-in-law) had to help steer Jason near grassy areas for a while in order to reduce the impact of him falling off of his bike all the time.

Jordyn still looked disappointed…

She insisted on going back outside to ride again. I gave Jordyn a long list of things I had to do (cooking dinner, laundry, dishes, etc.).

I promised her that we’d revisit her bike excursion later on before sunset.

And I’m so glad we revisited it…

We made our way to an empty parking lot and Jordyn confidently said to me, “Mommy, I just need a little push.” I then pushed her from her bike seat and she took off riding…

Half amazed and half tearful, I watched from the sidelines, a view of this AMAZING six-year old girl who refused to give up or let fear set in!

I was in awe of Jordyn and most certainly in awe of God…

Sometimes we all just need “a little push” in the right direction to complete the task, execute the mission, and fulfill our purpose. It’s that “little push” that gives us boldness and helps make the world a better place in our own designated lanes and in our own unique ways.

Happy “riding” and don’t forget that the journey from point A to point B often begins with the smallest of peddle pushing, steps, etc. #StayTheCourse #PersistentlyPray

Jordyn’s new and improved bike…


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