Mom, we’re living in a time like no other. We’re here to serve you and your family.

Essentially, we hope to provide inspiration for the IMPERFECT MOTHER living in IMPERFECT TIMES!

We began as a series of books and Mommy + Me Virtual Story Times implemented during the COVID-19 Quarantine of 2020. Our commitment to serving women and families continues to drive our efforts forward.

Mobile Childcare Services (New Jersey)

Reside in New Jersey? Qualified staff can take care of the kids (in your home) for your next self-care moment, date night, work commitment, or appointment.

Family Life Classes

In a ”no shaming” space, focus on topics such as: healthy communication, stress management, marriage/partner relationship, positive role modeling, discipline and boundaries, co-parenting, self-care, and more.

Books + Resources (Online Shop)

Pause for a moment and go a little deeper – spiritually. Engage your heart (and kids’ hearts) with God’s loving thoughts about you.

Meet the Founder

Hi there, I’m Keturah A. Ford! I began writing the Mommyhood Deconstructed books in 2019 to challenge the facade of the ”perfect family” because we all have struggles. I also initiated a Virtual Mommy + Me Story Time in 2020 as a way to bring people together during the COVID-19 quarantine. Since then, childcare services and more have been added. THANK YOU for stopping by!

Mom — you have one of the hardest jobs in the world. Let us help.”