Because it’s okay to not have it all together…

You may be juggling motherhood along with so many other roles. Be inspired to pause, reflect, and rest in the truth of who God is as you navigate your imperfect yet beautiful journey.

The Devotional

God never intended for us to hold everything inside — this includes shame, fear, disappointment, uncertainty, weariness, etc. Consider your devotional experience a unique opportunity to spend quality time with God – the one who empowers you as a mother on a mission despite the things that may attempt to discourage you.


“I love the journaling component. I try to get up early for tea in order to write before the baby wakes up.”

“My favorite chapter is ‘Pretend Play: We Are Key Carriers.’ Jordyn’s request speaks so clearly.”

“Mommyhood Deconstructed is very well written and a joy to read! Continue to walk in your calling.”

Meet Keturah + Family

”As beautiful as motherhood is, it is yet very complex. We need God every step of the way…”